Attended a trial lesson at a programming school. I'll tell you how it went)

Hello friends. This summer, my daughter Alisa graduated from the first grade of a public school in Turkey, and from September she will continue her studies online. We will study in parallel in both Turkish and Russian schools.

Attended a trial lesson at a programming school. I'm telling you how it went)

But in addition to compulsory schooling, we want her to start learning now the skills that will allow her to easily cope with her studies in any format and, which I especially hope, will give her a free, happy and financially independent life in the future. We have not been going to work for 10 years and we want to give this opportunity to our child.

Visited a trial lesson at the programming school. I'm telling you how it went)

Is programming boring and routine?

No! Our daughter is a very active and creative person, so just programming lessons and learning different codes does not suit her. Knowing my daughter's passion for drawing and her wild fantasy in games, we decided to give her the opportunity to try yourself as a creator of computer games or an animator of cartoons. at least row with a shovel. In addition, you can create just one successful game or a cool viral cartoon and quickly become a millionaire. Well, you get the idea)

At the programming school, we were offered the Scratch direction, where you can acquire basic skills in mastering computer technology, drawing, working with 2D graphics and animation. During the training, the guys learn to create their own game characters or cartoon characters. And of course, this lays the foundation for exploring more “adult” graphic editors in the future.

Programming is one of the most in-demand professions right now. It may seem that there is a lot of routine than creativity, which is so important for a child, but you can also find very interesting areas where a child could show his creativity and get the most out of the process.

But I'll make a reservation right away that many people get maximum pleasure from just programming. I have friends who are programmers who love their profession very much.

Attended trial lesson at a programming school. I'm telling you how it all went)

Signed up for courses< /b>

We will study at the Kodland online programming school for children in group classes. Individual ones are also available, but more expensive.

The first free lesson has already been completed, in which my daughter worked at a computer for the first time in her life and created her first program in a children's programming language.< /p>

Attended a trial lesson at a programming school. I'm telling you how it went)

First, the teacher asked Alice about her interests, and then, based on this, told about the project that she will be able to bring to life after graduation.

Visited a trial lesson at a programming school. I'm telling you how it went)

Well, the first program that my daughter made in the first lesson is the most simple and logical operations with “graphic programming”, so that the child understands the essence of object management on the screen using a sequence of commands. It was necessary to deliver gasoline to the rocket along the optimal path and launch it into space. This is really very interesting.

Attended trial lesson at a programming school. I tell you how it all went)

As a result, the child is completely delighted and desires to continue learning!

At the end of the two-year course, the child will create their first full-fledged game or cartoon, which can even be monetized. But “monetization” is now only of concern to my husband and I) My daughter is delighted with the prospect of making her own game.

In general, I am very I hope this exciting process of “creating your own project” will capture her completely and give her a happy and financially independent life already at a young age. We start learning in August in group classes! I'll tell you about success. Here is a link to a free lesson.

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