Hotels in Turkey are extending the “summer concept” until mid-November 2022, and some are dropping prices in October. Come across frankly good!

Hello friends. As promised, I am already monitoring the start of sales of super cheap tours to Turkey for “freezing Europeans” with might and main … I periodically write off on this issue with my acquaintances travel agents and people working in different hotels in the Antalya region.

At the moment, everyone is saying that the demand for Turkey this year is such that hotels are not even thinking about winter discounts, but on the contrary, they will try stretch the summer season 2022 as far as possible.

For example, the Akka Antedon 5* hotel said they had already decided to keep the summer all inclusive concept until November 18! They say that if it gets cold, they will close some pools on the territory, but in terms of food and drinks, everything will remain unchanged.

And I think many will follow suit. This is the demand for Turkey now…

And all because there is simply nowhere else to fly. Neither Russians, nor Europeans.

But there are still discounts!

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The main feature of the current season in Turkey is the super occupancy of exactly cool five-star hotels. In budget hotels, there are places, but in expensive ones everything is packed for many weeks in advance.

discount for October 2022. True, for this you need to try very hard and regularly monitor prices. Cheap tours both suddenly appear and disappear very quickly.

For example, I started writing this article yesterday because I saw big discounts (up to 30%) for October 2022 in good hotels in Marmaris and Bodrum. They are gone this morning. In particular, a tour for two to the Green Nature Resort & Spa 5 * yesterday you could buy for 52,000 rubles per person. Today the promotion has already been removed.

Green Nature Resort & Spa 5*

But at the same time, prices for October in some hotels in Alanya and Side have fallen sharply today. A tour for two to a 5-star hotel can now be bought in the region of 100,000 rubles. Here are some of the most interesting suggestions:

1. Drita Resort & Spa 5* in Alanya. This hotel has VERY good reviews for 2022. They write about him: “The hotel itself is 10 out of 10. The only minus is the location of the hotel (far from the city center)”

2. Beach Club Doganay 5* in Alanya. This hotel also has solid fives in the reviews for 2022 and enthusiastic comments from tourists: “Great hotel. The food was like in high-class hotels, the location is very convenient.”

3. Armas Bella Sun 5* in Side. This hotel deserves attention only because the Armas hotel chain is recognized as the best in Turkey in 2021! So there is definitely a high level of service. People write about him: “If we go to Turkey again (it is not known what will happen next with politics, etc.), then we will definitely consider Armas Bella Sun! I want to go back!”

In general, there are not so many good options for October 2022, but they still appear periodically. You just need to keep an eye on the prices.

Thanks for your attention, your Mom at the Sea.

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