Singapore takes another step towards normality before COVID-19

April 26 2022, Singapore has downgraded its Outbreak Response System (Dorscon) status, which indicates the current situation, from orange to yellow. Other COVID-19 policy changes include:

– Removal of all restrictions on the number of gatherings and safe distancing requirements.

– Removal of restrictions on the number of visitors to large events from participation of over 1,000 people.

– Pre-testing before flying to Singapore is no longer required for fully vaccinated people. At the same time, all incompletely vaccinated foreigners aged 13 and over must undergo such a test (maximum 48 hours before departure), spend the first week in Singapore in isolation at the specified address, and then pass a control PCR test.

– Compulsory vaccination of employees of enterprises and offices has been cancelled.

Thus, today the Singapore government only recommends its citizens and visitors to observe minimum labor protection and sanitary safety measures.

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