Hello friends. A month ago, I was completely sure that in 2022 we would definitely not be able to see our parents, friends and relatives from Russia. Due to problems with planes and a sharp drop in the ruble exchange rate, airfare prices flew into space. But, fortunately, by the beginning of May, the situation began to change dramatically … ne-ozhidala-uvidet-takie-ceny-na-polety-v-turciju-zhdem-roditelej-c0cd7cb.jpg” alt=”I didn't expect to see such prices for flights to Turkey this year. We are waiting for parents” />< /p>

Prices are the same as last year, but not for everyone

Now we visit almost every day to “catch” cheap tickets to Antalya. Our parents live in Sochi and Novosibirsk, so we follow these cities exclusively.

Every week there is news that the flight program from Russia to Turkey is expanding, and more and more new airlines put their flights to Antalya, Istanbul, Bodrum and Dalaman.

And if a month ago the minimum cost of a Sochi-Antalya flight was around 25,000 rubles (this is only one way), now from the end of April There are already some very interesting proposals. But you need to keep your finger on the pulse in order to have time to use them.

For example, last week there was an option to fly from Sochi to Antalya in May for only 9,780 rubles. But those tickets were quickly sold out. When I saw it, there was already the last ticket left at this price.

This year I didn't expect to see such prices for flights to Turkey. We are waiting for parents< /p>

You can now buy tickets for June for 8354 rubles!!

This year I didn't expect to see such prices for flights to Turkey. We are waiting for parents< /p>

But we still hope that such prices will also be in May. We are looking forward to the launch of new airlines, which are now being created in Turkey specifically for Russian tourists. New charters are always good opportunities to catch a good deal.

After departure from Novosibirsk, everything is still sad. Tickets are expensive and it is unlikely that something will change in the near future. Although who knows. We continue to follow. But for now, our mother and relatives are planning to come to us from Novosibirsk by car (if the land border through Georgia is opened). Given current prices, it will be cheaper.

In general, we continue to follow the news and monitor prices for air sales.

< p class="article-render__block article-render__block_unstyled" data-points="6">From the latest flight program updates: launch of flights from April 30 to Antalya from Perm, as well as from April 22 to Dalaman and Bodrum from Sochi. The flight program from Moscow to Turkey is also expanding. We look forward to when it comes to Siberia.

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