W Series: Winner of female-only series will earn 15 F1 super licence points

Britain’s Jamie Chadwick won the W Series in its first year in 2019

The winner of this year’s W Series will earn 15 points towards a ‘super licence’ that entitles a driver to take part in Formula 1.

The total needed to race in F1 is 40 points over a three-year period, with 25 needed for practice sessions.

Last year’s inaugural winner of the female-only series, Britain’s Jamie Chadwick, returns in 2020 targeting super licence points.

The W Series was not eligible for super licence points in 2019.

Points are available for different qualifying series on a sliding scale.

For example, the Formula 2 and Indycar championship winners earn 40 points – enough for a super licence on their own.

In F2, the top three all earn 40 points, with distribution down to 10th place.

In W Series, second place will earn 12 points, third place 10, with points available down to seventh place.


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